Hi, and welcome to Calvary Chapel York. Our mission is to support you in your life and ministry on campus and off, and to help you to grow in Jesus while you are here in York. Whether you are looking around, or have decided to make CCY your home while you are in York we’d love to get to know you. You can find out more about the church here on the web, but the best way is to talk to us – so look out for us after services or come to one of our student events. Whatever you do make sure you find us and say hi!

Our main means of support is trying to help you settle in the church and get involved.  But we can also offer discipleship if you’d like to be in touch with someone from the ‘outside world’ – a.k.a. a non-student! (See Grounded below).  Plus we are here for you if you need someone to speak to and pray with.  So if you are feeling lost, confused, ecstatic or even bored GET IN TOUCH!

Coming Up…

The Team

Jonathan and Naomi Anderson live and work a few miles from York and have been part of Calvary Chapel York for many years. Jonathan is an equine surgeon (does surgery on horses) and Naomi formally taught Art and Music prior to learning the art of being mum to five Children. They have a desire to see students grow deeper in their understanding and experience of God and feel being around students keeps them fresh and current on many levels!

Just send an email to to get in touch with the team.

If you want to keep up to date with what’s going on then join our Facebook group so you can stay in the loop.  Look for York Students of Calvary Chapel

Get Involved

There’s loads going on, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what. As always the best thing to do is ask. But just to give you an idea here’s a rough list:

  • Bible College – come and do a class (for free!), or go to Thursday night worship, or you can even join one of the one-week outreach trips – they go all over the world!
  • Children’s Work – there are LOTS of kids! So you can help teach or assist a Sunday school class, or you could help at the toddler group (which is another outreach)
  • Coffee Shop – this is an evangelistic outreach, so if you are a budding evangelist with a regular slot in your week you can commit to then come and share with York’s coffee culture
  • Greeting Team – all you need is a big smile and warm coat (well in winter anyway)
  • Hospitality – Calvary has developed a bit of a reputation for copious amounts of cake, but it all needs baking and serving!
  • Prayer – You are always welcome – it’s the heartbeat of the church and a great way to structure your day
  • Prison Ministry – we go into the prisons to share the gospel and disciple new Christians, you just need to sign up to be able to go
  • Street Witnessing – a team normally goes out on Friday nights to share the gospel with the people they meet
  • Youth Work – taming and teaching the youth group: ‘reborn’