“Morningstar”, a feature length docudrama on John Wycliffe


We hope this event will interest many people living in York and across Yorkshire – John Wycliffe, known to many as the “Morning Star of the Reformation” was born and bred in the north of Yorkshire

A few months ago the Yorkshire Post ran an article about the new feature length docudrama “Morningstar” about John Wycliffe – some of you may have seen it.

“Morningstar” will be released on 1st November and the first round of screenings will include one in York. Murdo Macleod, who has produced and directed the film, will be with us in York to introduce the showing.

The showing will be at Calvary Chapel, 1 Barbican Road, York, YO10 5AA and the doors will open at 7:00pm. The Director will give an introduction at 7:30 after which he will show the film.

Entry will be by donation, with £7.50 suggested as what one might typically pay to go to the cinema. 

There is a 1 1/2 minute trailer for “Morningstar”.

For further information, please phone 07484 106275 or email church@calvarychapelyork.com.