Our men’s ministry is devoted to seeing men raised up to reach the potential God has for them. Having potential is one thing but reaching that potential is one of the greatest challenges we face as men. We are living in a time when there are more distractions than perhaps ever before, and the worlds pull to draw men away from God is intense and ever increasing in it’s success rate.

The need for men to rise up and be the men God wants them to be is the need of the hour. Our desire is to see this happen. To see men grow in their passion for God and to give up all to gain Christ is the greatest need of every generation…this generation especially. Our desire is to see men’s lives enriched and inspired and empowered to live the ‘full’ lives God has available for them.

We are currently meeting on Tuesday’s at 7:30pm on Zoom. This is a time where we enjoy a short Bible Study and spent some time praying together.