The Sunday school ministry, or ‘Kids Church’, is where the 0-10 year olds worship, fellowship, learn and grow alongside their parents, but in their own environment. Each age group has a team of CRB checked Sunday school teachers and also helpers who plan and prepare age appropriate bible lessons and craft activities.


Babies and toddlers up to the age of 2 1/2 are welcomed into our brightly decorated creche room, with plenty of toys, sofa’s, nappy changing facilities and helpers on hand. A mother and baby room is available to nursing mothers with a video link to the service. As baby gets more active and inquisitive, parents are welcome to use the creche facilities, often staying initially until they feel confident to leave their child. Once the child is established and settled parents join in on a rota to help out, but also allowing them the opportunity to participate in main church. The creche children have their own time of singing a simple bible time in a format called “See and Know”. This is a simply devised bible lesson, using songs, props and instruments, and becomes a familiar and fun routine, especially as it is also used during Mums and toddlers. Towards the end of the morning helpers encourage children to eat snacks or lunch, usually provided by the parent.

Kids worship

From 2 1/2 all children are signed into the children’s worship area by the Sunday School teacher of their age group. Kids worship is lead by a team who love to encourage the children to meet with the Lord through singing and music making. Either through live worship or pre recorded contemporary children’s music, the worship time provides lively, fun, memorable action songs and also opportunities to think, pray and worship with 1 or 2 quieter songs. Once worship time is over the children are taken to their own class rooms, escorted by teachers and helpers.

2 1/2 – 4 year old’s

This class provides lots of free play time with pre school toys, playdough and dress up available for lots of imaginative fun and role play. A short lesson with a simple theme is provided each week with an appropriate craft activity to make and take home, explaining the story to parents and carers. Snacks and drinks are provided.

4 -5 year old’s

The children in this class often enjoy the bible story told in a variety of formats. Teachers read, re-enact with puppets and props, or even encourage children to dress up and act out the stories themselves. Memory verses with craft activities are provided, and alongside the snack time the class may finish by watching a related bible dvd.

6 – 7 year old’s

This class enjoys a topic related bible lesson, often studying a character or book of the bible for a term at a time. Alongside the craft children are encouraged to commit to memory their memory verse with a reward chart and incentive scheme! The morning also consists of games and puzzles and again drinks and snacks are provided.

8 – 10 year old’s

The class runs in a similar vein to the 6 and 7 year old class, often studying the same theme or story. As the children grow and enjoy taking part in discussions this is encouraged, alongside all the usual game and crafts, with snacks and drinks provided.