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Amir Tsarfati
Amir Tsarfati will be speaking on End-Time Prophecy

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More than Dirt
Our Book of the Year
You're more than Dirt

YOU’RE MORE THAN DIRT” is a must-read for each soul in search of true life. This allegory’s authentic message will enter into the sealed up or abandoned places in your heart and bring healing on every page. Its timeless narrative gently speaks the truth as it soothes, restores, revives, inspires, and empowers you from the inside out. Like C.S. Lewis’ allegories, “YOU’RE MORE THAN DIRT” has been written with a simple yet timeless and profound story that unveils the greater reality purposed for you. With 30 years of counseling and teaching women worldwide, Nancy Sylvester’s compelling allegory, “YOU’RE MORE THAN DIRT”, unveils the core essence of humanity’s existence. She answers the basic cry of every human heart alive - questions such as ‘Do I matter? Who am I? What is my purpose? Am I loved? How can I have an intimate relationship with an abstract God?’ Join her as she tangibly portrays how we can attain the abundant life intended for us by our Creator. This relatable story knows no walls - it reaches all - young and old, black or white, rich or poor, male or female - every class and culture on the face of this planet. Birdy, the main character, is found in a place of hopelessness after being told she is nothing but a “piece of worthless dirt.” Convinced this is all life has to offer her, she sinks into a deep depression. In an attempt to escape her misery, she parties on the derelict plot of land behind her house. One morning, a Lawyer pays her a visit with news that will change her life. Could his words be true? Could she be more than worthless dirt? Treat yourself to Nancy Sylvester’s wise experience and picturesque imagination as she marries them into a delightful allegory of hope. Let the portals of its pages introduce you to the Gardener of your soul, and discover that your life is much more than dirt. Finally, share this heart warming story with a friend. It is the perfect gift - beautifully illustrated by Nancy’s daughter and professional artist, Rachel Weber.

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10 NOV - Yor
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