Dave Sylvester

I grew up in Arizona, and in the late 60’s and early 70’s the effects of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon a lost generation was being felt. People that I hung around with were talking about Jesus and their lives were being radically changed. Around that time my grandmother gave me a New Testament and through reading it I came to know the Lord. After a number of years moving around the country as a single person, in 1983 I ended up in San Diego at Horizon School of Evangelism. It was there that I met my future wife Nancy.

In February 96’ the Lord opened a door to start a home Bible study in York. On September 28, 1997, Calvary Chapel York (CCY) had its first Sunday service in the historic Walmgate Bar, which is an ancient gatehouse on the walls surrounding the city of York. In the autumn of 2000, Calvary Chapel York Bible College (CCYBC) came into existence as part of the ministry of the CCY.

Currently our children are serving along side us, as well as a wonderful staff that the Lord has raised up to serve in the church and Bible College. Daily the Lord is doing wonderful things and we see the Lord saving and changing lives. From remembering the few Calvary Chapel affiliate churches that were in the U.K. when we arrived, then watching Brian and Cheryl Brodersen plant a church in London, to now seeing over 40 churches throughout the United Kingdom, we rejoice and look forward to seeing the continued unveiling of God’s promises to us ahead.

The promise the Lord gave Nancy as we were packing up our home in America to move to England was “Faithful is He who has promised, He will also do it.” Has the Lord been faithful to His promise? Indeed! Abundantly above all we could ask or think and the best is yet to come. May Jesus be praised!