2017 Pastors Conference Theme square

2017 Pastors and Leaders Conference

2017 Pastors Conference Theme
Once again we would like to invite you to come to York to the annual UK Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference.

The topic of this year’s conference is “Finish the work”. We pray that this will be seen especially during the teaching sessions and that people will be encouraged through the conference.

Conference Speakers

Dave Barlow, Brian Brodersen, Matt Kottman, Rafael Manzanares, Joey Rozek, Dave Shirley, Phil Twente

Recordings of the Sessions

Session 1 – Phil Twente

Session 2 – Rafael Manzanares

Session 3 – Joey Rozek

Session 4 – Dave Shirley

Session 5 – Dave Barlow

Session 6 – Matt Kottman

Session 7 – Brian Brodersen